Media Relations

Getting your company taken seriously by the media's smartest and most influential members is challenging. Working with a world-class team of experienced professionals who have developed relationships for decades can be the difference between an ongoing relationship and storyline for your business, or being discarded and disregarded. 

Speaking & Events

Command attention and carve the rightful place out in your business' competitive landscape. More than just having a team of "event hackers" to secure access to events and speaking opportunities, Space Made Media helps companies identify the live opportunities around the world for making the greatest impact on their business.

Executive Briefing

At Space Made Media, we've engaged with over 200 leading companies in blockchain. The insights we’ve gathered have helped us retain a pragmatic and actionable view on what is working and what is hype. Our executive briefing helps senior executives understand the tech, use cases and to have a framework for evaluating for their business.

Who We Work With


We aim to empower 1 billion people through technology

Bold and Driven

We believe Space Made Media has the power to positively impact the individual lives of billions of people around the world. To achieve this purpose, we are pulled to align with bold executives, entrepreneurs, investors, and organizations with the aim of helping enable blockchain and emerging technology companies scale their reach through communications.

Experience and Depth of Knowledge Matter

In true blockchain fashion, Space Made’s team is decentralized with communications professionals operating from North America to Europe, Australia, and growing steadily. Our team's passion is blockchain and we dedicate ourselves to being deep in the trenches, on the ground and online to deliver our clients foremost PR opportunities and unparalleled insights to keep them sharp and competitive.

Adam Harrington
Managing Director, Strategic Coin 

"They're hustlers and they get results."



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